Why Bookkeeping Services

Out of genuine respect and high regard for entrepreneurs we support them the best way we know how – with accurate bookkeeping every day, helping them use the accounting information to manage towards improved cash flow, improved profits and more stability so they can focus on innovation and creating value for their customers.

We believe that for small business the finance division often becomes the weakest link of the three major functions of a business – marketing, production and finance. It’s not hard to understand why. As would be expected most entrepreneurs focus first on marketing and production. Nothing happens in business until something is sold, and once it is sold you must produce, whether it’s a product or service. To complete the cycle there must be financial information reported on the transactions, and that information must be understood so that you can develop a repeatable process that produces cash flow and profits.

However, as the business focuses on marketing and production the finance division becomes an afterthought, sort of a necessary evil. To no fault of their own the entrepreneur comes to the business without formal business finance understanding or an ability to effectively staff or management the accounting/finance department. That does not make it any less important, simply a lack of resources and understanding of how to accomplish it. That’s where Virtual BeanCounters comes in, fulfilling our Why and becoming part of the entrepreneur’s team moving the business toward their vision.