We’re Growing!

We’re growing! So I think we need better financial insights and controls. I want to be able to see what growth means financially and feel like things are under control.

Top line revenue is up, and that’s great, but perhaps profitability is lagging. And cash flow keeps getting tighter and tighter! What’s going on?

That’s a kick in the pants, isn’t it? You work hard, I mean really hard, to grow revenue and then it doesn’t feel like it’s paying off on the bottom line. And don’t even start talking about cash flow. You thought growth would just take care of the cash flow problem, but the problem just seems to have gotten bigger. Don’t feel alone, many entrepreneurs experience these problems. But what to do about it?

The business needs have graduated to more sophisticated reporting system to help you measure profitability from all angles and understand cash flow positions for today and tomorrow. What you’re after is controlled growth, or growing the right way. That requires understand what growth means to the big picture so you can control costs and cash flow as you grow. Most growth does require some additional working capital. But how much, and where is it going to come from. Any company in the growth mode needs to be able to answer these basic questions; you know the ones that keep you from sleeping at night.

    1. How much cash are we going to need?
    2. When will we need it?
    3. Where is it going to come from?

That’s where Virtual BeanCounters comes in. As a growing small business you need more than just bookkeeping, you need financial insights. Our service is designed to turn your accounting and finance division into a source of insightful information to help you manage towards your growth objectives with a lot less stress. Understanding how profits and cash flow should react to top line revenue growth will help you move forward confidently.