Key Business Process Management

I don’t think our books are accurate or up to date, but I’m not an accountant and don’t really care to be involved in managing the process. I just want good information to help me manage my business.

How do you manage a key business process when you’re not an expert in the field? The answer is “probably not very well.” That’s exactly why outsourcing the accounting/finance function makes so much sense for many small businesses. Many times an entrepreneur is unsure about what the expectations should be from their accounting & bookkeeping, or even what reports they should be analyzing. Add to that a lack of confidence in accuracy or completeness of the reports and it makes it difficult for the entrepreneur to assertively move the business forward.

That’s where Virtual BeanCounters comes in. Our system allows the entrepreneur to easily outsource the accounting process to professional. We put the time in to understand your business and understand what the key reporting concerns are. We process the transactions timely and understand how to configure the data so you have reliable, current, actionable information at your fingertips. Depending on your needs we will process your transactions daily or weekly and close your books timely each month.

Once we have provided you with a system of accurately and timely reporting the financial results of your business, we don’t stop there. We are also in your corner coaching you on what reports you should be analyzing daily, weekly, monthly, and how to interpret them.