Your accounting and bookkeeping needs can easily be outsource using our web and cloud based applications. All we ask is that someone in your office becomes our main contact person, that they scan and send the bookkeeping “in-box” once a day, and that we are provided on-line access to appropriate accounts so we can keep your accounting up to date daily. The graphic below illustrates.

How It Works


Some key points not illustrated in the graphic

  • You have 24 hour on-line access to the same accounting data file we are updating daily
  • Major advantage – weekly “Cash Call” meetings with your Sr. Accountant to review cash flow
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) selection and analysis for your business
  • KPI reporting at your fingertips
  • Guidance on how to read critical information for cash flow improvement and profit enhancement
  • It’s all paperless – no more paper checks with postage and no more paper filing
  • Controls and oversight that are very difficult to duplicate with an in house accounting department