• Three Ways to Deal With Slow-Pays

    One of the side effects of the Great Recession that many small business owners didn’t foresee is that since 2008, people have simply taken longer to pay their bills.  This is true on both the business and consumer side.  Whereas someone might have...

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  • Balance Sheet Basics

    Here at Virtual Bean Counters, we’re in the business of helping you not worry about financials - in fact - move beyond worry to understanding.  Part of that education is knowing about different financial statements. Today we are going to focus on...

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  • 3 steps to serenity in tax season

    March Madness may have ended but April Absurdity is just beginning.  It’s the time of year that many small business owners dread, but they don’t have to.  And what are they afraid of?  Unknown tax liability.  The key word there is “unknown.”...

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