About Virtual BeanCounters

From daily, weekly, or monthly bookkeeping and accounting to long-term strategic financial planning, we can help prevent your overhead from getting you in over your head.

Our Accuracy Checkpoint System makes our bookkeeping and accounting services reliable.

Virtual BeanCounters, Inc. provides cloud based small business accounting (bookkeeping) and advisory services on an outsourced basis. The service is designed for entrepreneurs that value having a strong finance division that will direct and assist in cash-flow management, profit improvement, and business longevity.

Very few business owners have a real handle on cash flow, profitability, expenses, and cash position of their organization. The reason is most entrepreneurs do not have the time or desire to organize and develop a strong accounting and finance back office. So outsourcing to a system with meaningful reporting and strong controls can make the difference between getting by and getting ahead. With Virtual BeanCounters outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services we put those controls in your hands every day – you know exactly what is working or not – every day. Our team works with busy entrepreneurs running small business with anywhere from forty employees down to the new start up with a handful of employees that doesn’t want the bookkeeping overhead in a new business.

Our comprehensive CFO services enable you to successfully plan and implement your next growth stage.

Don’t let what you don’t know get in the way of your success. Our outsourced CFO services enable you to get all the benefits of an experienced chief financial officer without all the added employee expense. Far beyond simple bookkeeping and accounting help, our CFO services provide all the advantages of a strategic business and planning partner who can help you understand and control your financial big picture so you can confidently guide your company to the next level of success.


Meet the Founder

Tim Sernett, CPA

Tim’s dedication to serving entrepreneurs has been a lifelong commitment. Growing up he witnessed firsthand the blood sweat and tears that goes into growing a successful business, watching his Father grow a business from a handful of employees to over two hundred employees. Quickly realizing how many people depend on small businesses and how influential they are in our communities he wanted to spend the rest of his life serving the entrepreneurs that start and grow businesses.

In addition to performing owner/operator duties for Virtual BeanCounters, Inc. and ensuring the delivery and quality of our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services, Tim is also responsible for performing CFO services for our small business clients who have selected the higher level services of Virtual BeanCounters, Inc.

Tim strongly believes that any entrepreneur with a vision of prosperity not only needs an accounting system in place that accurately reports pertinent historical financial data, they also must have the resources to plan properly (financial projections), manage profitability, manage cash flow, and manage prosperous growth with adequate financing. Our Virtual BeanCounter services will help you accomplish this objective.

Tim has over 20 years of public accounting experience and has been managing his own independent CPA firm since 1989. Tim has been serving the small business community with expertise in professional service firms, the wholesale distribution business, and a wide range of small closely held businesses. Having grown up in a successful family-owned business, and now operating his own business, Tim knows the challenges and rewards of owning and operating a profitable business. He combines hands on experience with knowledge and training to help his clients succeed in today’s fast paced business environment.

Tim received his Bachelors of Science from Creighton University. He gained his public accounting experience at Hood & Strong LLP in San Francisco, a Northern California CPA firm with over fifty professionals specializing in serving private closely held businesses. Tim and his wife, Jennifer, decided to move back to the Midwest, where they grew up, to raise their own family. Once back in the Midwest Tim re-established many contacts and decided to form his own firm serving the small business community. In addition to being a CPA Tim is also a proud member of the Thriveal CPA Network and is a Certified Quickbooks® Professional Advisor.

Contact Tim at: tim@thevirtualbeancounters.com | (913) 649-1040